50 Awesome Grey Bedroom Ideas

50 awesome grey bedroom ideas 46

Grey is more than just the in-between, the neither-black-nor-white that represents so many facets of human nature and life in general. It is more than just an allusion to a pop culture book series or tea in honor of Earl Grey or melancholy day without sun; grey is the color of subtlety and sophistication. It is indicative of one who prefers the understated above the splashy, who keeps a little mystery about himself and walks with the air of one with more than a few secrets up his sleeve.

Grey-schemed bedrooms evoke such mystery and subtlety, but also an unabashed air of refinement. Shades of slate compliment almost any interior motif, from uptown studio to stormy Cape Cod lodging, and any thoughtful addition of color is twice as likely to strike a particularly dramatic chord. Lest you worry that grey will darken a room’s natural lighting, rest assured; sun and moonlight alike are enriched and enhanced thanks to the rich smokiness of the hue.



Regardless of whether you choose to encompass your entire abode or opt for a select collection of signature touches, your grey bedroom is sure to stand apart from the standard scheme. Here is a place for deeper dreaming and contemplation, where style and substance are brought together in superior inspiration. A grey bedroom is, after all, proof that while life may not be black and white, neither is it lived entirely in the obviousness of color.

The bedroom, an oasis of calm for the beginning and end of your day. A place where your cares slip away as you drift off into blissful sleep and where you wake up to the soft glow of morning sunshine. This is the place where all stresses of the outside world are neutralized, so what better way to provide an aura of serenity than the perfect neutral? The perfect neutral, of course, being gray.

It’s a perfect balancing color that has more character that white or off-white and is still soft without veering into the territory of being too masculine or too feminine. It creates a perfect backdrop for building a range of looks, giving you the freedom to explore a variety of patterns and textures for your sanctuary. Far from being boring, using grey allows for serene designs that can simultaneously boast sophistication and can also develop looks that are bold, steely, and dramatic.